Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34

Today I'm doing things a little different. After seeing this on Kelly's Korner I thought it was such a good idea to capture the simple pleasures in life. Some days we get so caught up and need to refocus. So here are my simple pleasures.

Coming home and being almost tackled by Jack because he's so happy that I'm finally home

Getting a random text/call from Brian during the day

Crystal Lite Raspberry Lemonade packets

Archer Farms Strawberry Fruit Strips

A nice, hot Skinny Hazelnut Latte

Getting an email that I've received a comment on a blog post

Hearing a great song on Pandora

Having a full lunch sack to bring to work

Reading cookbooks

Making a new recipe and having Brian tell me it's the best thing I've ever made

Gmail chatting with best friends

Finding new wedding ideas so that I'm totally prepared for when he does ask

Listening to doggy snores

Finding money in a coat when winter begins again

Snow days

The fact that Yankee Candle catalogs are scratch and sniff


  1. I thought that was a good post too! I LOVE those CL packets - that's the best flavor! I also love bloggy comments - it's nice to know I'm not rambling to myself! ha! :)

  2. cute blog! I did not KNOW that Yankee candle catalogs are scratch and sniff? lol